Become a volunteer fundraiser!

Looking at how to raise money for Waverley? Look no further!

Thank you for wanting to help us. We’ll be with you every step of the way. Whether you’re looking for fundraising ideas or need help planning, promoting and running your fundraising event, we’ve got all the advice and resources you need on how to raise money for charity in a fun, safe and legal way and smash your fundraising target!

Our volunteer fundraiser pack is filled with suggestions, ranging from coffee mornings to sky dives. Whatever your speed, you’ll find a fundraising activity that is right for you. We also have advice and a useful ‘how to’ guide which will walk you through setting up your online fundraising page.

We can also provide you with sponsorship forms and posters, and will try and provide as much in person support as we are able. And, when the fun’s all over, we make it easy for you to pay in your fundraiser donations online for any sponsorship money you’ve collected in person.

Every year, the income from passenger fares, catering and shop sales keeps Waverley on the water, but does not generate enough income to carry out all of our annual winter maintenance or fund renewal projects. Throughout Waverley’s preservation career there has been a heroic struggle to keep her in service and it’s thanks to the generosity and dedication of people like you that we have been able to keep Waverley’s paddles turning.