Refit Work Gathers Pace as Covid Appeal Tops £315,000

A recent full inspection of Waverley’s massive paddle wheels showed that four paddle floats require to be replaced as well as the leading float on each wheel which are due for replacement as a routine matter. Each paddle wheel has eight wooden floats with each float being assembled from four individual timber boards.  Over time the boards do become damaged and require replacing.  We were therefore very grateful to receive a recent donation towards our Covid-19 Relief Appeal for the sum of £480 to cover the cost of installing one of the new paddles (each of the timber boards cost £120).

In the coming days some new engine parts are due to arrive.  These will then be fitted before we raise steam and start testing all the engine room equipment as we prepare for dry docking in April.

Deck repairs are also now underway with part of the port paddlebox being stripped.  Each year we will spend around £20,000 on deck repairs alone, this year that cost looks to be a little higher as repairs are needed to some of the wooden fittings.  Donations to the Covid appeal are helping to fund all of this vital work on Waverley.

To date over £315,000 has been donated towards our target of £350,000 for the Covid-19 Relief Appeal. THANK YOU to everyone that has donated. With further support we remain hopeful of reaching the target to help meet the cost of winter refit and maintenance works, including the annual dry docking. Donations can be made online or by calling our office on 0141 243 2224.  Anyone who donates online or by phone can opt to be included on the Virtual Donor Wall.  Donations can be recorded in memory of someone.

2021 Season

We are continuing to review updates on the easing of lockdown and the re-opening of hospitality venues and visitor attractions. We are hopeful that Waverley will be able to return to service in June. We are anticipating that capacity will remain reduced this season given it is likely that some Covid distancing restrictions will be with us for some time to come.

One of the paddle floats dismantled.


One paddle float being re-assembled.