Welcome Aboard Waverley

Step aboard the World’s last seagoing paddle steamer, the magnificent Waverley, for an extraordinary trip the whole family will enjoy.

Choose from a variety of day, afternoon, and evening cruises and enjoy the ever-changing coastal landscape of Great Britain with sailings from over 60 ports and piers. Whether you are exploring Glasgow & Clyde Coast, Oban & Inner Hebrides, the Bristol Channel, Liverpool & Llandudno, South West, South Coast & Isle of Wight, or London & Thames Estuary, Waverley promises an unforgettable experience.

Enjoy an extensive range of sailings and special events, from river cruises to coastal voyages, magical islands to serene sea lochs.  As the “Sole Survivor”, Waverley boasts a rich history and showcases a magnificent triple expansion steam engine that will leave you in awe. Experience the authentic charm of a real steamship as you hear the telegraph ring, witness the engine’s graceful motion and sense the gentle aroma of hot oil and steam. You can even watch the paddles turning through the portholes!

With almost 80 years of history, Waverley is not just a ship but a living testament to a bygone era. During your cruise, indulge in a hot or cold snack, afternoon tea and cake, a hearty meal in the Dining Saloon, or relax in one of the comfortable lounges. No cruise is complete without visiting the Souvenir Shop, where exclusive gifts and mementos await, allowing you to carry a piece of Waverley’s legacy home with you.

Paddle steamer Waverley is registered on The National Historic Fleet as being a vessel of pre-eminent national significance. She has operated in preservation since 1975 and become a “national treasure” carrying over 6 million passengers.

Waverley is the sole survivor and has become an icon in her own lifetime.

Join us aboard the famous Paddle Steamer Waverley – we look forward to welcoming you aboard!

10 Reasons to step aboard Waverley

  1. Waverley is a unique vessel – she is the world’s last seagoing paddle steamer
  2. Waverley is powered by steam and a lot of passion!
  3. You will have unrivalled access and views of our wonderful coastline
  4. You will help ensure this magnificent steamship can sail on for many more years to come
  5. You can view Waverley’s powerful triple expansion steam engine in operation
  6. A Waverley cruise is an experience the whole family can enjoy
  7. You can take home an exclusive souvenir or gift from the on-board shop and even send a postcard using the Victorian postbox
  8. You can step back in time and enjoy the traditional dining saloon and period lounges
  9. You can enjoy an informed commentary highlighting the passing points of interest
  10. Waverley brings a positive economic benefit to the towns and villages she visits