Waverley Arrives on the South Coast

Earlier this evening Waverley reached the Isle of Wight after her epic non-stop journey from Campbeltown which saw the historic steamship cruise down the the Irish Sea passing the Isle of Man and down the Welsh Coast before rounding Lands End and making her way along the South Coast.

The journey was undertaken at reduced speed for much of the way to help reduce fuel consumption and therefore cost. The price of fuel remains high with the cost per minute set at around £12 when Waverley cruises at her normal service speed of 14.5 knots.

On Friday September 2 Waverley will welcome passengers aboard for the first cruise on the South Coast in 4 years. Her absence on the South Coast being due to the need to re-boiler the ship and two years of restrictions due to the pandemic.

Waverley will operate on the South Coast offering a variety of sailings from Southampton, Portsmouth, Yarmouth, Swanage and Poole until Wednesday September 21. Thereafter she will move to the Thames and operate on London’s river until Sunday October 9.

Tickets for all sailings can be purchased online or by calling 0141 243 2224.