Covid-19 Relief Appeal Reaches £160,000

Waverley’s Covid-19 Relief Appeal has now reached £160,000 thanks to donations received from individuals.

With a target of £350,000 from individual donations we are fast approaching the half-way mark which is fantastic. We are extremely grateful to everyone who has donated so far, you are giving us hope that Waverley can survive the impact of Covid and sail again next summer. The Virtual Donor Wall is building well with many names now recorded.

The success of our Covid-19 Appeal is vital to raise the money needed to cover winter costs associated with routine maintenance and Waverley’s annual dry docking. She is now booked into dry dock in April but we must have the funds in place before she steams to Greenock. During dry docking full repairs will be made to the bow, fortunately the cost of these repairs is covered by insurance.

Donate now at waverleyexcursions.co.uk/supporting-waverley/donate-to-waverley/ and support Waverley.