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Ian Jack was a steamer enthusiast. A warm, generous man, a nostalgist who lived in the present. An ardent supporter of Waverley’s operational preservation in the 1970s, his enthusiasm for her never flagged. He knew her future remained precarious, and his writing repeatedly captured why her survival is so important. Waverley will miss him. The Waverley Steam Navigation Co. Ltd., Waverley’s owning charity, thanks you for giving generously in his memory. We let his words speak for us.

“Alone of the old Clyde fleet, Waverley still sails to the islands and up the sea lochs every day in high summer, then sails south for a short season in the Bristol Channel, the Solent and the Thames. Launched in 1946 from the Glasgow yard of A & J Inglis – a site now occupied by Zaha Hadid’s new Riverside Museum – the Waverley has followed the same tracks across the Clyde ever since. Britain has preserved many handsome machines, from royal yachts to express railway engines, but none of them other than the Waverley do the work they were intended for, where they were intended to do it. To sail on her is to experience a tradition that began with Henry Bell’s Comet in 1812. In a livelier and truer sense, she is much more ‘iconic’ than Hadid’s museum. Waverley represents a technology and a delightful form of seaside pleasure that found their highest expression on the river that built her.” (The Guardian, 29 July 2011)


“Sailing home again, we’ll have a drink from the bar and perhaps raise a toast. To next summer, to us! To the blossomest blossom and the fuchsiest fuchsia and the steamiest steamer.”

(The Guardian, 24 August 2012)

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Thank you for donating in Ian’s memory to support our efforts to keep Waverley steaming.

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